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If you love to eat, Isla Mujeres is the perfect place for you, since this island is full of different delicious options that fit all budgets. We will start with the most basic, street food:

At the end of Hidalgo street (the main avenue where Isla’s nightlife happens), you will find desserts and snacks such as: elotes, churros, marquesitas, tacos, tortas and hot dogs, and generally, they are there even after midnight, which makes it an excellent option to eat after having a few drinks. Here you will spend an average of $60 pesos to eat. However, they are there during the evening-night, during the morning we strongly recommend the “Ferry Tacos”, a small cart where you can find egg tacos, pork rinds in red sauce, and breaded chicken tacos, among other options. You will eat deliciously but you will be standing since
there are usually a lot of people and they only have one table. Each taco costs $20 pesos… You’ll know how many you can eat!

Now, if what you are looking for is to sit down and eat comfortably but at an affordable price, we can recommend the municipal market (where the average meal costs $120 pesos), here you will find everything from empanadas, tostadas, ceviches, eggs any style, and soups, to entrees like mole enchiladas, breaded chicken breast, fried fish, etc. Just keep in mind that they close at 3 p.m.

As for a healthy and vegetarian/vegan option at a good price, we recommend “Mi Ensalada”, you will find this place almost arriving at Playa Norte on Carlos Lazo street. Its concept is very practical: choose the base of your salad, the type of protein, and then add the extras you like. You will find falafel, hummus, tuna, chicken breast, a large number of toppings, and fruits and vegetables to make your salad as you wish. On average you will spend $150 pesos.

Did you find the information useful? we hope so!

Since the options to eat in Isla Mujeres are very varied and numerous, in next week’s blog we will continue with different options for restaurants and beach clubs with a slightly higher budget.

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