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Hello again! And to finish (for now) with our series of recommendations on places to eat in Isla Mujeres, we are going to tell you about our favorite beach clubs.

1.- Marbella
This beautiful restaurant/beach club is located towards the south side of the island. The place is very exclusive and private since it is located on a quiet beach with no large influx of tourists. Its menu is 100% seafood, and you can find everything from local fish to shellfish brought from the Sea of Cortez and even Alaska. It is not cheap, on average you will spend about $350 – $500 pesos for a dish (17-25 USD) but it will be worth every penny.

2.- Green Demon
This beach club is much more casual and accessible, it is located in Playa Norte so you can walk from the ferry. Its menu focuses on healthy food, and you can find simple dishes such as tacos, salads, and sandwiches. It is usually much more crowded since it is located in the middle of the most visited beach on the island. However, if you’re looking for a bit of a party, it’s perfect for you as they often have live music and DJs. The average dish here is $250 pesos (12 USD)

3.- Guru
Finally, we want to tell you about Guru. It is also located in Playa Norte, and the vibe feels a little more sophisticated than at the Green Demon. It is also an excellent place to listen to DJs and live music and has some good cocktails while you smoke a Hooka. Here the average dish is $275 (14 USD).

With this, we close our section of recommendations for where to eat and have a good time in Isla Mujeres, we hope it was useful to you. Soon we will continue with different activities and places to visit on the beautiful island of Ixchel. }

See you soon!

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