5 Fun Facts about Isla Mujeres

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Women Island is not just a wonderful island, know a little about its fun history!

  1. The Mayans dedicated this island to Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of fertility, and built a structure in her honor that until today you can see on the southern tip of the island.
  2. In the 19th century, the pirate Fermín Mundaca took refuge on the island and fell in love with a local girl known as “La Trigueña”, for whom he built a hacienda with arches, wells and extensive gardens that are now known as Hacienda Mundaka.
  3. The southern end of the island is the easternmost point in all of Mexico, which is why it is the first place in the entire country to receive the sun’s rays every morning.
  4. It receives its name because when it was discovered, statuettes with the shapes of women dedicated to the goddess Ixchel were found, for which the explorer Francisco Hernandez de Cordova decided to name it that way.
  5. At some points, the island becomes so narrow that it stretches only a little over 300 meters, which allows you to see the sea on both sides at the same time.

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