Surely during your stay with us you have always wondered what the name of our establishment means or perhaps you have related it to the name of one of our collaborators, but we want to explain the meaning, also why we chose that name and thus understand the importance it has for everyone.

To begin with you should know that for a long time in Isla Mujeres fishing had been the main economic income for the islanders, nowadays it is tourism, but it also goes hand in hand with this very important activity and as children of fishermen it is of utmost importance for us to keep those values present, but above all to always be proud of our traditions.

The Yucatan Peninsula is the area of the Mexican territory where the Maya culture was present many years ago so it is not strange to have so much cultural history in the surroundings...

Most of the Mayan symbols are related to the mathematical and astronomical knowledge that the Mayas developed. There are also Mayan symbols related to their hieroglyphic writing system and to represent their gods.

KAY in Mayan means fish and after the summary that we left you before now you can understand the importance that this beautiful survival activity has for us in Isla Mujeres.


Mayan hieroglyphic

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